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Remote Help Desk

Like the majority of our customers, iT is most likely not your core business. Trying to solve all of your iT issues internally can become a major distraction. If you need help with a project involving your iT assets, we are eager to help you. We are an expert, affordable iT consulting firm providing advisory and managerial services that will meet your objectives.


Project Consulting

Let Intelligent iT Solutions provide you a U.S. based customized help desk team without the capital investment, staffing challenges or infrastructure requirements. By leveraging Intelligent iT Solutions’ 24/7 help desk, organizations avoid spending time and resources on training, expensive trouble ticket systems, and support costs.


Proactive iT support

Keeping your employees productive is what we do best. With scheduled maintenance and access to our remote support team your team should never have to wait for an iT problem to be resolved. Our skilled technicians are always a call or email away. With our monitoring options we can fix most issues before they ever become a problem for your business. Intelligent iT Solutions is able to monitor your iT infrastructure and make sure your mission critical systems are up to date and available 24/7.


Asset Reporting

Intelligent iT Solutions provides you with an accurate inventory of all the hardware, software assets in your organization. Our system automatically scans and updates every asset/nodes with an IP address within your network.


Employee monitoring services

  • Monitor all communications
  • Take screenshots of any desired computer activity
  • Limit application use by time
  • Block access to time wasting software programs
  • Record all keystrokes
  • Cutting edge web filtering



  • Centralize of all desktop operating systems and applications
  • Increase server utilization
  • Reduce power requirements
  • Reduce the potential for malware and virus outbreaks
  • Reduce device theft
  • Increase data security

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