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What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing; it may sound complex and scary, but luckily for you and I, its simple and now so common that you may already be using it without your knowledge. To decrease your palpitation, I will explain the term in a simpler way.

Cloud computing, like the term “cloud”, is universal and can be seen and used by anyone. This is the purpose of cloud computing; connecting, easy access and being available for everyone.

Cloud computing provides cloud storage. Cloud storage is server storage in the internet that allows you to make an account so that you can store files on that server. These files can range from documents, to photos, videos and audio. Have you already used Google docs (we love Google)? That is one good example. Another is Windows Live and Skydrive (The MS Office 2010 has a Skydrive menu that will automatically bring you to the Skydrive online). You can upload your files, create files directly from the cloud, and download them when you want.

You can also make your files available to anyone by making it Public. If you want privacy, you can make them private. And you can make them visible or accessed by certain people such as friends and family and choose what files can be viewed.

Another purpose of cloud computing is synching your data to your other devices. Through this, your data or files are available to all your devices. This data includes your social network, email, and other services that you have transactions with.

A concern for some people is privacy and losing files. They are concerned with their files and information being visible for everyone or their files being erased by the server’s malfunction. With sophisticated security and back up systems however, these occurrences are extremely rare.

If you have concerns about moving to the cloud or are ready to move your whole enterprise, intelligent iT can help you create a plan to seamlessly do so.

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