5 Ways to Increase Home Office Productivity

Working at home can either be your ally or enemy in terms of productivity. There are essential factors that you must consider when working from home, including work discipline, environment, interaction and communication with coworkers, and other tools integration.

Here are the 5 must-haves for your home office:

Telephone related gadgets

Communication is essential to businesses and work. And a stable communication is one of the ingredients of work and business. The main way people communicate is a landline telephone. Although it may sound ancient, with its stability and high-quality sound, it’s still the most effective simple communication we have today.

Other gadgets that can add functionality to communication:

Speaker phone – Speaker phones allow you to speak to a person or team on the other line while doing other tasks that need both your hands including typing, dressing, shaving, tying your shoe laces, etc.

Wireless USB headphones – you could use it for accepting Skype calls and listening to computer audio. Wireless features will minimize the clutter on your table.

Cordless phone and headset – this is a wireless version of landline telephone. It has clear and stable communication with less clutter on the table.

Backup/cloud server

Having a backup for your files is essential for your business. Now, you can use cloud services to automatically backup your files. Other functions of cloud servers are saving computer memory and easy access on files wherever you are.

High speed internet Access

The Internet is a portal to all information and tools that are useful to businesses. A high speed connection allows you to save time from downloading and uploading files and faster browsing.

Comfortable working environment

A working environment is often less emphasized when it comes to productivity… but having a comfortable working environment will make us more productive and effective. Comfortable environment means ergonomic and highly organized.

Not only does Intelligent iT set up your work office but also can create an optimal home office for when you decide to work from home. To set up your office network at home and create a seamless working environment, contact us.

5 Useful Updates in Google Docs

Google Docs is one of the most useful tools for business on the internet right now. Not only it is free (although using enterprise will cost you a small monthly fee), all your files such as documents, videos, audios, etc., can be synced and accessed by anyone on a single website. You don’t have to access your document files here, and media files there; if you have a Google account, you will have almost anything; synced in your single account, including social media such as YouTube, Google Plus and your blog.

Among the most used in Google are its document and email service. Because we are on the cloud Google is continually updating to make their service better.

Here are five useful Google Doc updates that are useful for your business.

Research Tool

This tool is useful for searching relevant topics for your keywords. When you open a Google Document, you can see the Tool option on the menu located at the upper side of the document. When you click the Tools, you will see the Research option on the dropdown menu. After clicking  Research, a side bar will appear on the right side and will provide everything you need for research. It’s like using Google search without leaving the document and switching windows.

You can also do research by highlighting the word and right-clicking.

When the Research box opens, the Web results will be visible and when you hover your mouse pointer on the links, the Research will provide an option of Preview, Insert Link, and Cite. This eliminates the manual work for doing the process and saves time and effort.

Docs for Offline Viewing

Now you can access your Google Docs without connecting to the internet. To use this service, you have to enable, set-up, and install Docs Offline. You can also sync your files to your computer so you can work your document offline.

Easy organize and sharing

With documents filing up storage, it is always helpful to organize them by creating a folder. You can also point your document to a specific folder where it will be stored while you’re working. Just click the folder icon at the top-left of the document and choose the folder you would like the current document to be saved.

You can also share the entire folder to colleagues. It saves you time and effort sharing each individual document files.

Adding Description

This tool will help you easily search for your files. There are times that we can’t avoid to save files with similar names and titles giving us several results when we search for that file by typing the file name. Adding a description will provide you the exact result of your search.

Advanced sharing

One of the great features of Google Docs is its sharing capabilities. While you can choose the person whom you want to have access to the files, you can also adjust how much access those persons can have in your documents such as read only, comment only, or allow editing.

Another useful tool is it lets you generate URL for your document if you want to share it to multiple people without going public. It saves you time and effort of manually entering each person’s email address in the sharing box.

And if you want to share the document to the public but for viewing only, you can make adjustments on privacy settings. You can also embed public documents on web pages for public viewing and any adjustments and updates you make in the document will automatically appear in the embedded document.

It is always great to use available technology for your business. It continues to update to provide services needed for any given time and task. If you want to make the most of technology, intelligent iT can guide you with recommendations and set up from the root to the advance service of any technology that you can use to enhance your business.

Should You Buy A New Computer? (Fixing vs. Buying New Computer)

Should You Buy A New Computer? (Fixing vs. Buying New Computer)

Household appliances are prone to break down including computers. But the difference of computers from other appliances at home, computers are usually used in businesses (unless you’re selling homemade ice cream using your home fridge). And businesses nowadays can’t run without computers. But what will you do, if that major tool in your business breaks down? This might turn you to panic, especially on busy season. And you may ask, “Should I buy or fix?”

There are some vital points to consider before you make a decision.

Ask for a technician’s diagnosis and estimation on his service.

If the problem is big, are you willing to let go of your computer for days, and willing to spend a high amount for service and parts replacement?

Does repairing let you save more money than buying a new one?

Electronics, especially computers nowadays are getting more complex. Our technology updates every year, including software, hardware, applications, these updates usually need compatibility and the more sophisticated it gets, the harder and more expensive it is to fix.

The 50 percent rule

If fixing your computer will cost you more than half the price of a new one, replace it. Adding a few dollars will give you an updated unit, a longer warranty, a stress-free business (an old, fixed computer might break down over and over as each part will start to collapse after 3 years), and more productivity (because a new computer will take seconds on booting compared to the old one that takes 15 minutes to boot up).

Electronics prices also decrease every year. Try comparing the price of your smart phone when you bought it and its current price in the market. It’s now worth less than $500 because technology is constantly updating.

Again, professional assistance is still helpful. If it is a minor problem, it may be fixed within an hour in a small cost, which is worthy of fixing. But if it will take days and parts replacement, start computing.

If you think you’re lost, intelligent iT’s experts can provide assistance from diagnosing, estimating, comparing prices, and what needs to be done. This means, less stress and more productivity.