Why not do iT internally?

The Hidden Cost of Internal  IT Departments

Many companies, especially smaller ones, or startups, might think it is more cost effective to hire an in-house person (Joe IT) to take care of all their IT needs.  But here are a few considerations you may not have thought about.

The initial and ongoing hassles and costs of hiring a new employee

Health care costs, training, turnover, and of course, the annual salary. You have enough employee issues and decisions to make.   There is no reason to add to it.

Recertification and continuous training cost, which by the way, takes Joe IT out of the office.

Joe IT Department is not so coherent when awakened late at night anymore

Having an employee on call 24-7 is no picnic for you, the employee, and the customer… it hastens burnout and hence, turnover.

Employing someone in a foreign country is not “in house”

Not even the fastest G5 can get an outsourced team to your office if a mission-critical service is interrupted.

The Often Overlooked Advantages to IT Outsourcing

Your iT is covered 24-7

-A qualified help desk and staff of technicians are always available to make sure your system is up and running at all times.

Specific and Broad based Coverage

-Each tech has different areas of expertise giving you complete security and coverage.

Cost Effective Coverage

-A monthly fee based on the coverage used has no additional tentacles, like health care, sick leave, or requests for a salary increase.

-The Intelligent iT staff is based in NY no G5 needed.

All of our services at Intelligent iT are tailored to our client’s needs. We don’t have a one shirt fits all solution because everyone’s needs are different. We never slap a bandage on any boo-boo. Before we get started we help you evaluate your current systems, budget and goals to determine what options best will work with your company. See our solutions for our full list of services.

Are you ready for an office?

Your hard work has paid off.  Your startup has begun to see a profit each quarter and you’ve hired your first employee (thankfully your cousin Bennie had just the skills you needed).  Until now it’s been fine working from your dining room … but now that you’re looking to hire more people (preferably not related to you), it’s time to find office space.

So let’s weigh the pros and cons:

You will be able to get up and leave home every morning…your business will seem more real…Pro

Now however…you’ll have to get dressed every day. Con

The dining room table will now be a stress free zone- Pro

That is unless you invite cousin Bennie to holiday dinners- Con

Every meeting with a client won’t have to be at Starbucks-Pro

You’ll miss those scrumptious caramel macchiatos- Con

You’ll lose 10 pounds-Pro

So the pros outweigh the cons and your decision is made. Here are some other things you’ll want to consider for your growing startup.

As your small business team grows so will your computer network system.  There will be IT questions you can’t answer, nor do you have the time.  An IT help desk is a great way to get those issues resolved without hassle.

You’re thinking… I can use all the help I can get…what’s a help desk? A help desk is a tool that companies use to help troubleshoot problems with computers, networks, or other IT related issues. This is usually accessed by email or a phone call and takes the hassle of day-to-day IT management and questions off your shoulders. Corporations use them but they are also good for those will small resources and minimal IT needs. You have a shoulder to turn to when you need it, which can help you weather the startup storms.

We are New York-based and specialize in providing efficient, transparent, and intelligent IT solutions for startups, The Digital 100’s, and emerging markets.  Our passion for your business success is surpassed only by your own… We make iT one less thing to worry about.