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Should You Buy A New Computer? (Fixing vs. Buying New Computer)

Should You Buy A New Computer? (Fixing vs. Buying New Computer)

Household appliances are prone to break down including computers. But the difference of computers from other appliances at home, computers are usually used in businesses (unless you’re selling homemade ice cream using your home fridge). And businesses nowadays can’t run without computers. But what will you do, if that major tool in your business breaks down? This might turn you to panic, especially on busy season. And you may ask, “Should I buy or fix?”

There are some vital points to consider before you make a decision.

Ask for a technician’s diagnosis and estimation on his service.

If the problem is big, are you willing to let go of your computer for days, and willing to spend a high amount for service and parts replacement?

Does repairing let you save more money than buying a new one?

Electronics, especially computers nowadays are getting more complex. Our technology updates every year, including software, hardware, applications, these updates usually need compatibility and the more sophisticated it gets, the harder and more expensive it is to fix.

The 50 percent rule

If fixing your computer will cost you more than half the price of a new one, replace it. Adding a few dollars will give you an updated unit, a longer warranty, a stress-free business (an old, fixed computer might break down over and over as each part will start to collapse after 3 years), and more productivity (because a new computer will take seconds on booting compared to the old one that takes 15 minutes to boot up).

Electronics prices also decrease every year. Try comparing the price of your smart phone when you bought it and its current price in the market. It’s now worth less than $500 because technology is constantly updating.

Again, professional assistance is still helpful. If it is a minor problem, it may be fixed within an hour in a small cost, which is worthy of fixing. But if it will take days and parts replacement, start computing.

If you think you’re lost, intelligent iT’s experts can provide assistance from diagnosing, estimating, comparing prices, and what needs to be done. This means, less stress and more productivity.

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