Custom IT solutions for NYC Businesses

Outsourced On Call Support, Because The Nine-To-Five Workday is a Relic

With this in mind, Intelligent offers dedicated flat-rate onsite IT support and on call 24/7/365 computer solutions in New York City. Save your business time and money needed to staff an in-house team of technical experts.

IT Support New York City (NYC), Manhattan, Long Island, NY

Onsite IT Solutions

We are always available 24/7 and ready to solve your technical issues, and if need be, come onsite. For example, by performing regular maintenance and monitoring your systems 24/7×365, we can dramatically increase the reliability and performance of your entire technology network.

Small Business & Enterprise

Intelligent is your source for onsite IT solutions. Not to mention, we are a leader in information technology, inbound call center solutions, and make overseeing your technology, and your customers a lot easier. To achieve this, we are not only affordable, but scalable regardless of the size of your organization. Therefore, why hire another member of your staff if you can outsource all of your technology needs for less? In short, with all of the value and expertise Intelligent offers, we can provide solutions for small businesses, enterprises and organizations of all sizes.

Private (White) Labeled Remote IT Solutions

We offer options that blend seamlessly with your operations and is ready for immediate use. For instance, with the Intelligent private label solutions, your company can offer expert, friendly, 24×7 technical assistance without investing in costly infrastructure and training. Subsequently, our IT specialists will identify themselves as part of your organization keeping in line with your high standards.

Private Labeled IT Solutions Desk Features:

  • Multi-technology assistance
  • Online live
  • Ticketing system with reporting
  • 24/7 monitoring capability
  • Expert, U.S. based in-house staff
  • Customizable solutions levels
  • Email status updates
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As a result, we pride ourselves on quick response times and thorough technology.