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Improving Your Small Business Network Security

As a small business owner growing your business and keeping your customers happy is your main concern.  Unfortunately it is a hacker’s priority to infiltrate your computer network and bring your business to a halt. Hackers don’t just go after the big guys. They are looking for any easy point of access no matter the size of the business.  It is essential that your computer network security works at 100% effectiveness to prevent unauthorized access to your documents and online accounts.  One mistake in this area can cost you thousands of dollars or even worse, your customer’s confidence.

Here are a few tips to improve your security

1. Your Greatest Asset, Your Employees, Can Also Be Your Weakest Link. 

Employee training and retraining in security measures is one of the simplest ways to protect your business against threats.  The time set aside to go over the latest tactics code crackers use to gain access to businesses is time and money well spent.  Giving your employees skills to properly recognize security vulnerability will in the long run save you headaches and increase your bottom line.

2. Employee Passwords Could Be The Key That Open Your Network to Outsiders

Passwords are supposed to keep intruders out but when users make passwords too simple or simply reuse personal passwords, it can unlock your network to hackers. An easy solution is to require users to come up with a different password for each site and to never use their in-office password on outside sites. Biometrics can play a larger role in securing your system but a good first step of choosing stronger passwords can help do the trick.

3. Don’t Allow The Public Access to Your Private World

Designate a virtual LAN for guests or the public if your system allows it but never hand over access to your private network.  If your system does not allow VLAN or additional SSIDs set up a separate internet connection and wireless router for guest use.

Outsource Your IT  For Greater Security, Less Worry and Higher Productivity

You are experts at what you do.  Allow your network support to be managed by the experts. At intelligent iT, a New York based Technology Company that specializes in catering to The Digital 100’s, we craft a technology solution around your needs. We listen and learn your business culture to fit your IT solution seamlessly. As a startup there will be IT needs that simply can’t be handled by just anyone. As an outsourced iT solution, we will be in house to provide you just the amount of support you need to keep your business running smoothly.


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