Why Your SMB Must Consider Outsourcing the CTO Function

Robust IT is becoming more difficult to manage in house.

As expansive API network trees and complex cloud infrastructures become the norm even in the SMB market, companies looking to control their digital footprint, identity and data under one roof simply cannot do it fast enough to keep up with competition.

When a company outsources a particular IT function, such as cloud services management, it makes the decision about the function to outsource internally. If a company does not have the expertise to determine if this decision was actually the appropriate one, then it may partner with a perfectly capable company for a misappropriated reason. It is not the fault of the partner, but the company may end up losing money due to wasted resources.

Outsourced CTO services give a company a more practiced eye for IT strategy as well as a team of experts to monitor and maintain an IT system . In the small business world, you are not expected to know the most efficient strategies for maintaining a network. You may use certain cloud services, but you may not be involved enough in the cloud to warrant a specialized partner – the value add of an IT partner may be elsewhere. However, you might sign up for a certain service just because you heard it was the hottest thing to do, and all of your competition seems to be doing it as well. This is an extremely efficient way to lose money and frustrate yourself.

Small Business Computer Support

The majority of companies today are running under some sort of computer infrastructure. Most of those companies are not directly associated with information technology, nor is there anyone within the company with the skills or expertise to even understand where to look for the problem when something goes wrong. If this is the case, it may be best to outsource the entire IT department with a total CTO service package from a company like Intelligent iT.

Do not waste time trying to learn the infrastructure of things that do not directly affect your revenue streams. We are focused on IT.

let us help you devise the strategy as well as giving you the technical boots on the ground to fix the problems!

Intelligent iT is a partner of some of the biggest tech companies in the world because of its ability to strategize as well as maintain and correct systems.

Outsourced CTO Services

CTO services help you determine what it is that you need to fix before you spend money going after the wrong problem . Intelligent iT is ready to help you define your infrastructure. Companies of all scale around the globe continue to trust us, and we have a special expertise in helping your small businesses.

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5 Practical and Simple Guides To Defend Your Computer from Hackers

Most computers store important information. And if it is connected to the internet, your computer will be a potential prey to hackers and your information can be accessed from distant places, from other computers, without your knowledge (or permission). Whether it’sfor business or personal, computers must always remain secured.

There are many ways that hackers could access your computer and while there are ways to be a victim, there are also ways to prevent this from happening.

But before we get into the solution, we must first know the enemy.

The two common problems that your computer picks up on the internet are virus and malware (malicious software), or spyware. They are acquired through clicking links or advertisements and downloading.

Viruses can mess up your computer, shut it down, and lose your data and information. On the other hand, malwares are spies in your computer. They can trace browsing and it can detect the movements of your keyboard. In short, it will know the information that you gave on any computer transactions (including online purchases).

Now, here are the 5 simple and practical guides on how to defend your computer from hackers.

Use Anti-virus or Firewalls

Although Anti-virus and Firewall doesn’t guarantee a 100% safety and security from hackers and viruses, they can still be of great use. Anti-virus alarms you whenever it detects a virus and malwares and it will enable you to remove any suspicious software. Firewalls prevent hackers from accessing your computer.

Also, keep your anti-virus and firewalls up to date. Updated anti-virus has the capability to match up against new viruses.

Update your Operating System

Hackers never stop learning new ways and finding security holes to access your computer. To lessen the risk of being hacked, keep your computer’s operating system up to date. Updating is improving. Developers are updating their system to patch-up any flaws and improve those that works.

If your current operating system has security holes, updating it would fix those lapses and it will be less likely to be hacked.

Don’t open spam emails or emails from an unfamiliar sender

Emails can contain viruses. We hear a lot of news about email viruses that infected corporate computers and mainframes. One good example is the Pentagon. In 2000, The Pentagon was attacked by the ILOVEYOU virus. The virus infected computers in Hong Kong, Europe and the US. To protect themselves, CIA, the Pentagon, the British Parliament and other big corporations shut down their email system. Its worldwide damage caused US $5.5 billion.

However, some hackers use familiar or famous company names in their domain names such as ‘Amazons.com’, ‘paypals.com’, making it slightly different from the originals and if you’re not careful e, you will fall in their trap. Emails from these kinds of addresses usually come with the subject, “You won $10,000!” or something that is hard to resist. If you can’t recall participating in any contests or lotteries, then you did not.

Avoid clicking links from unfamiliar websites

This can also be applied on emails. Some emails have links that will take you to their sites. To know where that link will take you, hover your pointer on the link. Doing this will enable you to see the complete address of the link. These addresses usually appear on a series of numbers like, 147.26.375.84.

Hackers also use advertisements and pop-ups. When you click these advertisements, your computer will be infected with its virus or malware.

Easy with those free downloads

Free downloads are hard to resist. That’s why it’s still one of the leading causes of virus and malware infection. If it isn’t from your trusted website, don’t click the button.

Free downloads come in many forms such as mp3, images, games, documents, and videos. Don’t browse websites with pirated materials such as Torrents. Minimize, if you can’t avoid, your surfing on… hrrmph!, porn sites.

If you have encountered one of these problems, or want to establish a more secured computer, intelligent iT can provide a complete package of security services. An infected computer will cost you time, money, effort, and lots of stress, with the lost data and accessed information on your computer. Especially with businesses when one errant action can bring down an entire network down. Don’t wait for this to happen to you or your business. Prevention is better than a cure. You don’t need a problem to call intelligent iT.

Why not do iT internally?

The Hidden Cost of Internal  IT Departments

Many companies, especially smaller ones, or startups, might think it is more cost effective to hire an in-house person (Joe IT) to take care of all their IT needs.  But here are a few considerations you may not have thought about.

The initial and ongoing hassles and costs of hiring a new employee

Health care costs, training, turnover, and of course, the annual salary. You have enough employee issues and decisions to make.   There is no reason to add to it.

Recertification and continuous training cost, which by the way, takes Joe IT out of the office.

Joe IT Department is not so coherent when awakened late at night anymore

Having an employee on call 24-7 is no picnic for you, the employee, and the customer… it hastens burnout and hence, turnover.

Employing someone in a foreign country is not “in house”

Not even the fastest G5 can get an outsourced team to your office if a mission-critical service is interrupted.

The Often Overlooked Advantages to IT Outsourcing

Your iT is covered 24-7

-A qualified help desk and staff of technicians are always available to make sure your system is up and running at all times.

Specific and Broad based Coverage

-Each tech has different areas of expertise giving you complete security and coverage.

Cost Effective Coverage

-A monthly fee based on the coverage used has no additional tentacles, like health care, sick leave, or requests for a salary increase.

-The Intelligent iT staff is based in NY no G5 needed.

All of our services at Intelligent iT are tailored to our client’s needs. We don’t have a one shirt fits all solution because everyone’s needs are different. We never slap a bandage on any boo-boo. Before we get started we help you evaluate your current systems, budget and goals to determine what options best will work with your company. See our solutions for our full list of services.

Improving Your Small Business Network Security

As a small business owner growing your business and keeping your customers happy is your main concern.  Unfortunately it is a hacker’s priority to infiltrate your computer network and bring your business to a halt. Hackers don’t just go after the big guys. They are looking for any easy point of access no matter the size of the business.  It is essential that your computer network security works at 100% effectiveness to prevent unauthorized access to your documents and online accounts.  One mistake in this area can cost you thousands of dollars or even worse, your customer’s confidence.

Here are a few tips to improve your security

1. Your Greatest Asset, Your Employees, Can Also Be Your Weakest Link. 

Employee training and retraining in security measures is one of the simplest ways to protect your business against threats.  The time set aside to go over the latest tactics code crackers use to gain access to businesses is time and money well spent.  Giving your employees skills to properly recognize security vulnerability will in the long run save you headaches and increase your bottom line.

2. Employee Passwords Could Be The Key That Open Your Network to Outsiders

Passwords are supposed to keep intruders out but when users make passwords too simple or simply reuse personal passwords, it can unlock your network to hackers. An easy solution is to require users to come up with a different password for each site and to never use their in-office password on outside sites. Biometrics can play a larger role in securing your system but a good first step of choosing stronger passwords can help do the trick.

3. Don’t Allow The Public Access to Your Private World

Designate a virtual LAN for guests or the public if your system allows it but never hand over access to your private network.  If your system does not allow VLAN or additional SSIDs set up a separate internet connection and wireless router for guest use.

Outsource Your IT  For Greater Security, Less Worry and Higher Productivity

You are experts at what you do.  Allow your network support to be managed by the experts. At intelligent iT, a New York based Technology Company that specializes in catering to The Digital 100’s, we craft a technology solution around your needs. We listen and learn your business culture to fit your IT solution seamlessly. As a startup there will be IT needs that simply can’t be handled by just anyone. As an outsourced iT solution, we will be in house to provide you just the amount of support you need to keep your business running smoothly.