What to do when you’re a victim of an online crime

Holidays are fast approaching and this means holiday vacations. While we are celebrating our vacation and the occasion, we should not overlook the security of our company information in our computers. If we are not careful enough, hackers will be feasting on our information on our computers while we are feasting on holiday turkey.

If ever we become a victim of hackers, there are proper steps that we should take to resolve the issue, aside from reporting the problem to the website hosts and banks. But first, we will identify different types of online crime.

  • Malware through email – a malware sent through an email and downloaded by opening the email or clicking the link and redirecting you on a malicious website.
  • Unauthorized access on your email – hacking your email account.
  • Phishing – infecting your device with malware which redirects you on imitation websites and emails and obtaining your information through logging in.
  • Fake antivirus – this commits two offenses which are misleading the user through false representation and illegal modification of the user’s device.
  • Trolling – otherwise known as internet bullying. It can be done by threatening, harassing, and abusing which causes distress and anxiety to the victim.
  • Website attack by injecting SQL – injecting SQL to a vulnerable website which gives the attacker the control to your server.

The US has laws against these cyber crimes which are stated in Computer Misuse Act 1990, Communications Act 2003, and Fraud Act 2006. If you are a victim of one of these cyber crimes, you can report the incident here  http://www.justice.gov/criminal/cybercrime/reporting.html.

Prevention is better than solution. To prevent incidents like these and to save you hassle and money, you can contact your IT service to make sure your data is safe on holidays. Intelligent IT NYC is a 24/7 IT service that can provide you protection around the clock. There’s nothing like having a peace of mind during the holidays and returning to work hassle-free.

Upgrading to Windows 8?

Windows 8 sure does look cool… and you are probably  thinking new year, new you, new operating system.

Well, before you jump into an upgrade, lets talk about the good and the bad of Windows 8.

Let’s start with the obvious… It is definitely a show pony. The new sleek look of Windows 8 is taking notes from newer apps available on the market. The design is purposefully tactile (which we will discuss more about in a bit) and colorful.

Used best on a touch interface, the everyday desktop struggles to accommodate some of its features. With its major overhaul, you will find yourself doing a bit of “relearning”… something that may not sit pretty with most since Windows has been a mainstay since the early 90s.

While you can use it as you always have (with folders and taskbar), you can also work with the funky new tile framework. While the tile interface feels fresh, it is a bit discombobulating when navigating. Often times, we found ourselves stuck and confused with no way to get back to where we wanted to be.

However, with that negative, the search is fairly powerful and the design charming enough to make you feel like you are always discovering something new.

The biggest and most lauded fact about Windows 8 (especially after the Vista debacle) is that it is relatively stable. Releasing quite a few updates, Microsoft seems to be committed to making this their core offering.

So… the big question,  would we upgrade?
The answer is no… and here is why.

1. There is a learning curve
People may need to be retrained and in any business that task can be cumbersome.

2. Its geared toward consumers… so business customers won’t see many new perks and may not even be able to natively run their older apps on it.

3. You just probably recently upgraded to Windows 7… what’s the rush?
Windows 8 looks flashy but Windows 7 is secure and your company probably just invested in it as a company wide OS.

Keys To A Successful Office Move

Moving an office is an enormous job. It is important that you know the tasks that has be done, and know the right services to acquire to make the job a lot easier and more successful.

First of all, there must be a plan. The moment when you think about moving your office, you start to plan. An excellent planning creates a successful move. Even though there are unanticipated events, planning makes us prepared for those things. There has to be a plan B and C. Planning makes a good execution.

The next step is to look for a place. Although you can do the searching, the talking, and the negotiations, hiring a broker is still advisable. It is great if you know someone. If you know the broker, it makes him or her more reliable. But if you’re hiring someone you don’t know, make sure that they will assist you. Hiring a broker will help you bargain with the price and conditions. They can also suggest the best provider and helps you prevent common mistakes of office relocation based on their own experiences.

The next one to check is the basic services of the new location such as electricity, water, telephone line, plumbing, air-conditioning or temperature control, etc. Make sure that these aspects work continuously and no frequent disruptions. They may not be part of the business operation, but these things are important for productivity.

The next step to plan ahead is the office technology, including the internet connection. It is important that it is checked before moving in because if the place is newly built and furnished, it takes time to install the connection. It is also important to check how the internet connection will work in the new place, especially if you’re thinking of having a wireless internet connection. You must also plan your network in the new office. It is important that the network is planned well in order for a more optimum working area. To insure this, it is always advised to acquire an iT service. Because your short term goal is to move but long range planning means staying in that location and setting up an efficient working environment.

Intelligent iT NYC provides iT service for small businesses in NY . For long range planning to accomplish short term goals, Intelligent iT can make any move work for your business.

Simple Facts on Office Relocation

An office is important in every small business. It can affect workers’ productivity as it can set the mood of your employees.

Moving an office can be exciting. A new environment can refresh workers and give a feeling of a fresh start. You also have an opportunity to design your new office to make it more comfortable and efficient for your employees.

While moving an office can be fun and exciting, it is also challenging. Moving has to be planned appropriately, months ahead of the schedule. Planning includes appropriate packing, movers, planners, and project managers. You have to assure that everything in the new location works and is ready to be used. I’m not just talking about electricity, phone lines and services, there are important things that are usually taken for granted such as water service, plumbing, heating and air-conditioning, and of course, the internet service.

It is important to create a project plan when moving. An iT consultant can help you establish long-range as well as short-range goals. A consultant knows the necessary tasks when moving offices.

Between costs, labor, and inconvenience, moving isn’t fun but you can turn these challenges into an opportunity to improve your office structure, design, and your IT system. You can enhance your IT structure to add more productivity by replacing and upgrading old equipment with new models to catch up with current business trends and needs.

Ready to take the plunge? We can help. Check out our new moving app or contact us to get started on planning your move.

Why we like Linkedin

LinkedIn is the best social networking site for professionals and small businesses. Unlike Facebook, it is the place to display your profile professionally including your educational background, work history, portfolios, awards, and professional connections. It is also the best place to promote yourself and your small business.
Before I reveal my tips on how to take advantage of LinkedIn, I would like to enumerate first why I personally like LinkedIn:

  • LinkedIn status updates are full of information.

People  present themselves professionally, which (usually) means:

  • There are no nonsense status or word wars
  • There are no revealing pictures.
  • There are less malicious apps, if any.

So let’s get down to the tips. First of all, you have to create a profile. Make sure to fill the information such as the skills, work history, educational background, etc., because your LinkedIn profile will serve as your primary resume. Your profile will be viewed when you applied on jobs through LinkedIn, or by headhunters searching for prospects. You might miss a great opportunity if you don’t polish your LinkedIn profile.

On creating your profile, try not to use excessively used words such as ‘innovative’, ‘dynamic’, ‘team-player’, ‘motivated’, fast-paced’, etc. This will make you appear less creative and less capable of expressing your skills through your own words.
Aside from polishing your profile, LinkedIn offers useful apps to feature your skills and portfolios.

SlideShare Presentations
This app allows you to upload several files including resume, images, PDFs, documents, videos, to showcase your portfolios in your profile. This will be visible on your network.

This is one of my favorite. This application automatically displays the current posts from your WordPress blog. This is a great way to promote your blog without effort.

My Travel
This app is professional version of Foursquare. This app will broadcast your location to your network. This will inform you if you are in the same city with someone in your network and gives you the opportunity to meet them.

This application informs you the events attending by the people in your network. This will give you updates and idea if ever you want to attend the same events related to your field.


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10 Ways To Use Skype Professionally

In the age of the internet and remote workers, Skype has been one of the  chosen mediums for professional communication.

While there are many paid for communication tools, Skype is a low-cost (most cases free) reliable way to do business. You can call, video chat, text all from your computer or your mobile phone.

Here are 10 ways to use Skype for your business.

1. Skype is a great tool if you work from a home office. You can communicate or keep in touch with co-workers in other offices. Integrate a webcam; seeing each other’s faces makes the conversation more personal and adds a warmer and deeper relationship.

2. Skype has a feature that allows you to call telephone numbers. Using a single tool for communication and a single click to dial a number saves you time and money.

3. Skype allows you to record your conversation. This enables you to review your conversations for recalling (reminding) or learning purposes.

4. You can give customer support or instructions through Skype. You can reuse your instructions by recording your conversation and convert them into text via Dragon Software and post it onto your website for FAQs.

5. Skype with webcam is best for your technical or customer support business. Seeing the face behind the voice that instructs your customers will add a more personal touch in your service.

6. Skype provides conference video call. It allows users to have a group video conversation. Bringing the entire team together from different locations at the same time creates unity and saves time.

7. You can organize a remote presentation for your colleagues or associates with the use of webcam and other visual tools such as flip charts, ad hoc diagrams, etc.

8. Having Skype in every computer provides instant communication including remote staff. It helps everybody updated and creates high productivity.

9. Skype with webcams are best for integrating staff in two offices. If you have more than one business and want to work them together, Skype is the most convenient tool available.

10. Skype allows you to send files. This lets you do multiple tasks in a single tool. You can send files while having a conversation in one window instead of opening another window for email for sending files.

With Skype, you have almost everything you need for communication, right in your computer. If you have questions or want to set up Skype for your work environment, intelligent iT can get you started through our helpdesk or in person.

5 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Small Businesses

Knowing how cloud computing works, you probably already have ideas on how it can help your business. To eliminate any doubts on this technology, here are the 5 main advantages of cloud computing.

Cut Cost

Cloud computing allows you to save a lot of money for your business. It will save you money on storage and software updates because the server will do the job for you. You will also save money from purchasing physical storage to extend capacity and for mobility such as hard disks, CDs, USBs, etc. (You can also save money on software maintenance.)

Increase Productivity

There are several aspects why cloud computing would increase your productivity. Let’s discuss a few:

Easy Access – you can access your files and data wherever you are as long as there is an Internet connection. You can also access storage using other devices including mobile phones. With your work at your fingertips, you can make adjustments and updates wherever you are with whatever (gadget) you have.

Multi-users – your team projects or company files can be accessed by anyone allowed to view the files. You can simultaneously work on the same project from anywhere in the world.

Easy sharing – the moment that you create or upload files in the cloud, it will be available for your team to view. You don’t need email to send your files on multiple recipients, and edit or work on them, and send them back and forth for other’s viewing.

Unlimited storage

Cloud computing offers a large amount of storage more than the physical storage in your computer.


It takes out the hassle of updating software and storage from you. You don’t have to worry how your work will reach your team members and work on it to meet the deadline. And because you can access your files anywhere, you can take your family on vacation, even while meeting deadlines.

These are only basic advantages that cloud computing can provide to your business. If you would like to know more of what it can do for you, intelligent iT  can provide you with a solution for your business.

Featured in Business Insider… how to avoid common startup tech missteps

Have you made a common start up mistake? Chances are you have (we know we have), and since the best way to celebrate your mistake is to learn from them… Business Insider asked us for some tips on how to avoid common startup tech missteps.

For our tips (and a great article) click here.

15 Social Media Scams That You Should Know

There are always bad characters that are looking for opportunities to trick people. To give you tips on how to avoid them, here are 15 scams that are used in social media.

419 Scam

The hacker will access someone’s Facebook account and pretend to be the owner of the account. It will contact someone in the owner’s network and ask for help. The scammer will claim that he’s been robbed or something similar that caused them to lose their money. They will request for the contacted person to transfer them money through wire to buy return ticket and promise to pay them when they return.

See who viewed your profile!

This scam is famous because it feeds the ego and curiosity of the user who viewed their Facebook profile.

The same with usual scams, it uses application to access your profile. For the user’s curiosity, he will ‘sacrifice’ his ‘basic’ information just to be able to see who’s viewing their profile. But you will only be left with an unfair trade; you let the scammer access your information while waiting forever to see your viewers.

‘Dislike’ button

Do you sometimes wish that Facebook had a ‘dislike’ button so that you can dislike a post without revealing your identity? Seeing this offering seems like an answer to your wish. But guess what… its another scam or spam that will either access your information or take you to a survey by letting you to ‘enable’ the dislike button.

Video Scandals

Another hard to resist scam is… watch this [insert controversial video here]. The scam promises you that you can watch the video after you share it but it will take you to another site after clicking it. This is also used by spammers to get you to take their survey, which will allow them to earn their commission, and leaves you with nothing.

Gift Cards

Who can resist free items? With this scam, it will cost you a lot. By posting free offerings, you will be convinced to willingly reveal your information just to avail freebies.

Celebrity controversies

Have you seen posts with titles like “Justin Bieber stabbed!” or a video that promises to show the death of Osama Bin Laden? These fake celebrity news are also taking advantage of users’ curiosity. Again, clicking the link will infect your computer with malware.

Work from Home

These offerings usually appear on Twitter. When you click the link, it will take you to a site that offers initial payment or products to purchase before you could start to work. This will entice you to work on the comfort of your home and earn big bucks. If it’s too good to be true, there’s a big probability that it’s a scam. If you were asked to pay first to be given a job, it is most likely a fraud.

Twitter mentions

This is the same with the “Who’s viewing your profile”. It will capitalize on your curiosity to know who mentioned you on Twitter. Of course, the mention is a real thing, but the tweet that mentions you comes with a link that will take you to a dangerous site.

“Is this you in this video?”

This is one of the hardest to resist because it directly involves you. You will curiously check it if it is really you on the video but it will send you to a site where it will automatically download a malware to your computer.

Stock scam on LinkedIn

Scammers post about a promising company that is worth investing in. It includes a link to a video that will further explain why it is good to invest in this company. The scammer will display a high price stock and will sell his own share, and the stock decreases again.

Your account has been cancelled

This could be frightening to some users. It will start panic and will cause a user to carelessly enter their username and password to a fake website that the link brought them to. If you were asked to verify information on your account, do it directly on the site, not through the link that is given to you on your email.

Confirm email

This is the same with cancellation scams where scammers will make you reveal your information by confirming your email and entering username and password.

Diablo 3 scam on Pinterest

The recent release of Diablo 3 has taken advantage by scammers. Websites, especially Pinterest, were flooded with links that offers the free version and allows you to claim when you ‘repin’ the image. But instead, the link will take you to a fraudulent website.

Dating game on Tumblr

Tumblr members will receive spam messages that say that other members or followers joined the tumblrdatinggame.com. But the link will take you to unrelated websites such as the Adult Friend Finder service.

Keep a free Facebook account

There are posts that roam around Facebook that call for members to take action against a plan to charge its members to keep their accounts. The message usually goes something like, “post this so you will not be charged. Your account will continue to be free for you.” Facebook already denied the gossip so no need to take action. This is just a chain letter; harmless but a nuisance.


7 Useful Business Apps for iPhone and Android

7 Useful Business Apps for iPhone and Android

Smartphones are not only great for entertainment and social media; it is excellent for business too. Here are iPhone and Android apps that are useful for your business.

Google Drive Android, free – Google Drive is the former Google Docs app. With this app, not only can you access all your files in Google cloud, you could also upload files from your smartphone; talks about convenience and accessibility.

OneReceipt iOS, free – If you’re a smartphone online shopper, this app is for you. We all know that receipts are important and shopping frequently online will give you scattered digital receipts. OneReceipts helps you organize and manage your digital receipts. It can also scan your email for receipt from online transactions and purchases and it can inform you of your delivered products. It can also help you to manage your finances by providing you a monthly report of your spending.

Business Calendar Free Android, free – The Business Calendar Free has more functionality than a regular Android calendar app. This app integrates with Google Calendar and automatically syncs all your calendars. Its minimal and user-friendly design enables you to set reminders and view upcoming events and appointments easily. It also comes with numbers of customizable widget that displays a particular event or calendar for easy viewing. The Business Calendar Free is also available on ad-free version for only $5.

mSecure Password Manager Android, $10 – if you’re running a business, either physical or online, you may have several online accounts. mSecure Password Manager provides peace of mind by storing your sensitive passwords in a secure storage. It also lets you back up your data to mSecure’s cloud. mSecure Password Manager also protects you from hackers and prying eyes. It comes with built-in password generator to lock your online accounts more efficiently.

Adobe Reader Android/iOS, free – you may already capable of viewing PDFs through your OS, but you’re access is limited from editing and making changes. With Adobe Reader, not only you can view PDF files, you can also edit, add bookmarks, leave comments, and use available tools to do any markings on the file. It means that you could fill out forms and even sign digital documents.

GoodReader for iPhone iOS $5 – The GoodReader functions like the Adobe Reader and more. Not only it allows you to edit PDFs, it also handles Word documents, .txt files, and more. With this app, you can access your Google Drive, Box.net, Dropbox and other servers on your smartphone. You can also sync all documents so any changes you make through your smartphone will also reflect on your accounts.

LinkedIn Android/iOS, free – LinkedIn is the social network for professionals. LinkedIn allows you to make connections with people of different profession. Through this app, you can receive the day’s top stories on the topics you follow and allow you to share what you read to your network. The app also enables you to sync your LinkedIn contacts to your phone book. It gives you more options on keeping in touch with your connections.