Russia, Yahoo, Hacking and Your Business: Protecting Your Company in the Wake of Increasing Threats

With local news agencies warning businesses in their area to beef up digital security due to the Russian hacking of Yahoo!, there is more attention than ever on the danger of simply thinking you can do business without an appropriate measure of protection. Hackers today are no longer the unsophisticated individuals in their parents’ basement – today’s malicious digital breaches are perpetrated by massive, interconnected networks of automated computers who ceaselessly attack targets – no human administration is even necessary.

One of the most powerful and resourceful Internet companies in the world, Yahoo!, was targeted and successfully hacked in 2014 by Russian agents tied into domestic black hat hackers. The aftermath is stretching far into 2017. What is the takeaway? Even if you catch the perpetrators, the information that you lose may shatter the reputation of your company for years to come. Yahoo!’s breach completely stopped an acquisition by Verizon, causing massive upheaval in the Yahoo! C-suite and causing investor confidence to dwindle substantially.

Can you afford this level of scrutiny without the deep pockets and connections that Yahoo! has? Most companies smaller than Yahoo! need to prioritize their spending on marketing and R&D, not PR and legal fees. No, it is best to stop a breach before it starts by having the right security in place form the start.

Security compliance measures are in place for a reason. Are you paying attention to the measures that apply to your industry? If not, then you could be in immediate danger of a breach.

If you are looking for protection from an ever growing network of cyberthreats, Intelligent iT is your one stop shop for full scale resistance. Specialists in security audits, compliance and preventive measures, Intelligent iT gives you the fortress that you need to keep your proprietary ideas and information private. Give us a call or an email today – the bad guys are definitely not waiting on you.


What to do when you’re a victim of an online crime

Holidays are fast approaching and this means holiday vacations. While we are celebrating our vacation and the occasion, we should not overlook the security of our company information in our computers. If we are not careful enough, hackers will be feasting on our information on our computers while we are feasting on holiday turkey.

If ever we become a victim of hackers, there are proper steps that we should take to resolve the issue, aside from reporting the problem to the website hosts and banks. But first, we will identify different types of online crime.

  • Malware through email – a malware sent through an email and downloaded by opening the email or clicking the link and redirecting you on a malicious website.
  • Unauthorized access on your email – hacking your email account.
  • Phishing – infecting your device with malware which redirects you on imitation websites and emails and obtaining your information through logging in.
  • Fake antivirus – this commits two offenses which are misleading the user through false representation and illegal modification of the user’s device.
  • Trolling – otherwise known as internet bullying. It can be done by threatening, harassing, and abusing which causes distress and anxiety to the victim.
  • Website attack by injecting SQL – injecting SQL to a vulnerable website which gives the attacker the control to your server.

The US has laws against these cyber crimes which are stated in Computer Misuse Act 1990, Communications Act 2003, and Fraud Act 2006. If you are a victim of one of these cyber crimes, you can report the incident here

Prevention is better than solution. To prevent incidents like these and to save you hassle and money, you can contact your IT service to make sure your data is safe on holidays. Intelligent IT NYC is a 24/7 IT service that can provide you protection around the clock. There’s nothing like having a peace of mind during the holidays and returning to work hassle-free.

The new iMac… should you purchase?

Years ago, very few people used Apple products. Today, Apple has become a standard not only in gadget technology, but also with computing devices. Their products have been the carrier of innovation and also beauty.

The new iMac is the newest product released by Apple. It features a 21- and 27-inch model. It is thinner and lighter when compared to its predecessor. It is only measures 5 mm thin. Made possible by getting rid of the optical drive, it is thin around the edge but humped on the center where it contains the GPU, RAM, and the processor.

The overall appearance is almost the same: an aluminum casing. But with the new iMac, you cannot ignore the thinnest and simplicity. And it’s not all there is. Aside from its eye-catching design, it is also fast and powerful with Intel’s “Ivy Bridge” Core CPU.

The  iMac comes with your choice of either a Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad. They have similar functions but the Magic Mouse is smaller for the grasp of the hand and works like a traditional mouse. The Magic Trackpad works like a touchpad on a laptop while the Magic Mouse offers multi-touch surface which allows you two-finger scrolling, pinch-to-zoom, and other gestures used in OS X.

Other factors that make the iMac interesting is its display and sound. The display offers crisper images and colors and it has less glare or reflection when compared to the last model.  The  iMac’s audio has a rich, quality wide sound that is perfect for gaming and music.

Interested in upgrading? We will be. If you have questions or need intelligent iT to help you with the setup of your new iMac, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Upgrading to Windows 8?

Windows 8 sure does look cool… and you are probably  thinking new year, new you, new operating system.

Well, before you jump into an upgrade, lets talk about the good and the bad of Windows 8.

Let’s start with the obvious… It is definitely a show pony. The new sleek look of Windows 8 is taking notes from newer apps available on the market. The design is purposefully tactile (which we will discuss more about in a bit) and colorful.

Used best on a touch interface, the everyday desktop struggles to accommodate some of its features. With its major overhaul, you will find yourself doing a bit of “relearning”… something that may not sit pretty with most since Windows has been a mainstay since the early 90s.

While you can use it as you always have (with folders and taskbar), you can also work with the funky new tile framework. While the tile interface feels fresh, it is a bit discombobulating when navigating. Often times, we found ourselves stuck and confused with no way to get back to where we wanted to be.

However, with that negative, the search is fairly powerful and the design charming enough to make you feel like you are always discovering something new.

The biggest and most lauded fact about Windows 8 (especially after the Vista debacle) is that it is relatively stable. Releasing quite a few updates, Microsoft seems to be committed to making this their core offering.

So… the big question,  would we upgrade?
The answer is no… and here is why.

1. There is a learning curve
People may need to be retrained and in any business that task can be cumbersome.

2. Its geared toward consumers… so business customers won’t see many new perks and may not even be able to natively run their older apps on it.

3. You just probably recently upgraded to Windows 7… what’s the rush?
Windows 8 looks flashy but Windows 7 is secure and your company probably just invested in it as a company wide OS.

10 Useful Tips on Moving Your Small Business Office

A good plan is an ingredient for a successful office move. Here is a step by step plan on moving your office.

Make an announcement ahead of time

To avoid inconvenience for your customers and risk the potential of losing them, it is best to announce your move ahead of time so that your customers can also prepare for your relocation. Make the announcement with the change of your office address and telephone number. Aside from posting on your office’s entrance, make the announcement through your business’ social media profiles, your business website, and by sending a mass email.

Assign someone to be in charge of moving

It is best to assign someone to do the task of managing the office move. Someone who can concentrate on planning and making sure everything goes smoothly and nothing is left behind. This will make the move more successful.

Create a schedule

There are lots of things that need to get done when moving a small business office. Every task must be assigned to each employee including the schedule. It helps prevent unnecessary rush and mess when it is time to move.

Notify services

It is important to notify services including electric, water, telephone, and other services prior to the move. This will allow your service provider to prepare and help you maintain your service.  To make everything and everyone prepared, you must make the notification ahead to prevent disruptions of services.

Make a record of packing

To make the move organized, record everything that will be packed. Label each box with numbers and make a record of the box numbers and their contents. It will allow you and the movers to identify the priorities and the fragile to prevent damages and helps on unpacking. Recording the packages will also prevent loss of items.

Prepare your equipment

Computers are some of the most fragile and important equipment in your office. Because they contain important information of your business, take a backup before you move. Alerting your iT provider during a move is important.  iT services can do the backup and have experience packing and handling delicate equipment.

Pack your personal stuff

Unless you have a budget to pay the mover for their hourly job, you might want to consider packing your personal stuff on your own. Moving services usually charge per hour, and giving them the task would add more hours on their service, and on your bill.

Plan the unpacking

While planning for the packing is important, it is also important to make an unpacking schedule to make the moving organized and successful.

Clean the refrigerator

You don’t want to move a fridge with left-over foods inside it, get a fresh start by requiring all employees to clean out their own food (like the  coffee creamer labeled Dan).


Moving your office means a lot of opportunities. Aside from upgrading equipment, it is also an opportunity for new customers and clients in a  new location. Make an announcement about the new location as if your business is newly launched. Take advantage of this newsworthy event. The locals might be hungry for your products or services.

Keys To A Successful Office Move

Moving an office is an enormous job. It is important that you know the tasks that has be done, and know the right services to acquire to make the job a lot easier and more successful.

First of all, there must be a plan. The moment when you think about moving your office, you start to plan. An excellent planning creates a successful move. Even though there are unanticipated events, planning makes us prepared for those things. There has to be a plan B and C. Planning makes a good execution.

The next step is to look for a place. Although you can do the searching, the talking, and the negotiations, hiring a broker is still advisable. It is great if you know someone. If you know the broker, it makes him or her more reliable. But if you’re hiring someone you don’t know, make sure that they will assist you. Hiring a broker will help you bargain with the price and conditions. They can also suggest the best provider and helps you prevent common mistakes of office relocation based on their own experiences.

The next one to check is the basic services of the new location such as electricity, water, telephone line, plumbing, air-conditioning or temperature control, etc. Make sure that these aspects work continuously and no frequent disruptions. They may not be part of the business operation, but these things are important for productivity.

The next step to plan ahead is the office technology, including the internet connection. It is important that it is checked before moving in because if the place is newly built and furnished, it takes time to install the connection. It is also important to check how the internet connection will work in the new place, especially if you’re thinking of having a wireless internet connection. You must also plan your network in the new office. It is important that the network is planned well in order for a more optimum working area. To insure this, it is always advised to acquire an iT service. Because your short term goal is to move but long range planning means staying in that location and setting up an efficient working environment.

Intelligent iT NYC provides iT service for small businesses in NY . For long range planning to accomplish short term goals, Intelligent iT can make any move work for your business.

Serviced Office: An Excellent Option For Small Businesses

If you own a small business and are currently looking for a new office, you may find it hard to get a new one, especially if your budget is limited. A limited budget can hold you back from acquiring things such as bigger space and complete service.

This is where the serviced office makes a great option for small businesses. Serviced office is an office that is ready to use. You don’t have the hassle of tremendous planning because a serviced office is already furnished and may even come complete with office equipment waiting for the occupant. As we all know, setting up an office takes quite a bit of work.

Another thing that makes a serviced office a great option is its complete package of services including electricity, telephone line, internet connection, water, etc. And you have to do is pay them a monthly bill that is included in the rent. This is a great convenience for small businesses. While they may be slightly more expensive, you save on the stress of setting up services and scheduling all the payments for the monthly bills.

If this is not enough for you and you want ‘side dishes’, you can ask the owner for additional services such as security, secretaries, and even catering. This is ideal if you’re organizing a meeting or an event in your office. You don’t have to worry and stress about the planning, but concentrate on running the event.

Another great thing about serviced office is that you are not tied to a long lease. Anytime you decide to move to a more spacious office for expansion, you don’t have to worry about long-term contracts. This is also great for businesses that have short-time projects and need to occupy a temporary office.

A great example of a serviced office space is wework NYC.

Need more advice? Contact intelligent iT if you have any questions.

Simple Tips on Moving Your Office and iT System

Moving a small business office can be tough. Not only do you have to move lots of equipments, you also have to move and re-install your office’s iT network. Taking off and reassembling the network system requires work and expertise. In fact, moving an office could be harder than moving home.

Plan your iT structure ahead

It is advisable to plan your iT structure on your new office months before your moving schedule. It is advisable to start planning 3 months before you move. Some communication providers have long lead times because of the time spent evaluating all the options. You can also inquire about a new release of technology products and services available from your provider to match up and support the working environment in your new office. After all, a new office is a great way to reinvent your office to support more productivity.
While you’re thinking of ideas for a new office design, it is also the time to ponder your office’s equipment and technology. Maybe some of your equipment needs to be replaced/upgraded. You might want to consider new models as they are smaller and save space. Or you might want to inquire about replacing servers with virtual ones.

Internet and Phone Services

Internet and telephone service is one of the aspects that need to be given attention. It is important to assure that these services will be ready to use on the scheduled date of your move.

iT Management Service

Aside from making sure that the iT system will be available on the given date, it is also necessary that they work the same as they did in the former office. An improvement is even better and enhances productivity in the new office to accommodate the larger or different space.

As moving and installing an iT network in a new office is a complex task, it needs the  expertise of an iT service company. Whether it is planning, relocating, or evaluating your current iT Local IT services such as Intelligent iT NYC can help you efficiently manage the entire process.

And if n doubt, you can use our Facebook moving app!

Are we buying the new iPhone 5?

Every time Apple makes an announcement, the whole world listens. And every time they release a product, it becomes a trend. The release of iPhone 5 is the current headline today and everybody is curious and excited, about what new thing Apple has to offer.

The iPhone 5, released last September 12th, offers new features and improvements from its predecessors.

What average users can enjoy

With every phone as of late saying bigger is better, the iPhone 5 knew it had to follow suit. With its larger screen, users can enjoy watching videos and viewing pictures. Compared to the previous models, iPhone 5 features a 4-inch display adds another row of icons on the home screen. The display however has the same width as other iPhone models.


The iPhone 5 is also noticeably thinner, with 7.6mm and a weight of 112g. Although it is bigger in size compared to the previous models, it is thinner and lighter. Other noticeable features are its colors. It comes in two-tone colors of white and silver, and black and slate. The iPhone 5 is encased with glass and aluminum, which gives a more comfortable feel and a high-tech appearance.

What techies will enjoy


The iPhone 5 features a new Apple A6. It is much faster (twice the speed) and has more graphics power. Although the A6 is twice as powerful, it consumes less power and smaller in size.

New iOS

Aside from the new A6, iPhone 5’s newest feature is its iOS 6, the newest version of Apple’s mobile OS. It contains Apple’s new e-tickets app, Passbook, FaceTime, and other Apple’s exclusive mobile apps.

4G connectivity

The iPhone 5 is the only iPhone that is 4G.

Other new features of the iPhone 5 are its smaller camera while maintaining its 8 megapixel sensor. It also features new headphones, which are called EarPods. Apple says that the Earpods are built to be more durable and fit better into ears.

So would we buy it?

We think the iPhone 5 seems to be a great device and with Apple’s seduction of the enterprise crowd any iPhone is a great product. The new features and improvements; the larger screen, thickness, speed, the new iOS, and longer battery life, may not be enough to run out and outfit the whole staff with new phones but it is worth an upgrade when older phones are due. Remember, when purchasing, if you have any accessories, they will need to be replaced as well (or you will need the adapter which was just announced will not come with the phone). While Apple may not have introduced something totally different or mind-boggling innovation, an upgrade can still take advantage of its speed and longer battery life for professional use.

Have more questions? Need your new iPhone 5 connected to your network? Intelligent iT can help. We are Apple specialists and can help you with adding your Apple product to your corporate network.

Why we like Linkedin

LinkedIn is the best social networking site for professionals and small businesses. Unlike Facebook, it is the place to display your profile professionally including your educational background, work history, portfolios, awards, and professional connections. It is also the best place to promote yourself and your small business.
Before I reveal my tips on how to take advantage of LinkedIn, I would like to enumerate first why I personally like LinkedIn:

  • LinkedIn status updates are full of information.

People  present themselves professionally, which (usually) means:

  • There are no nonsense status or word wars
  • There are no revealing pictures.
  • There are less malicious apps, if any.

So let’s get down to the tips. First of all, you have to create a profile. Make sure to fill the information such as the skills, work history, educational background, etc., because your LinkedIn profile will serve as your primary resume. Your profile will be viewed when you applied on jobs through LinkedIn, or by headhunters searching for prospects. You might miss a great opportunity if you don’t polish your LinkedIn profile.

On creating your profile, try not to use excessively used words such as ‘innovative’, ‘dynamic’, ‘team-player’, ‘motivated’, fast-paced’, etc. This will make you appear less creative and less capable of expressing your skills through your own words.
Aside from polishing your profile, LinkedIn offers useful apps to feature your skills and portfolios.

SlideShare Presentations
This app allows you to upload several files including resume, images, PDFs, documents, videos, to showcase your portfolios in your profile. This will be visible on your network.

This is one of my favorite. This application automatically displays the current posts from your WordPress blog. This is a great way to promote your blog without effort.

My Travel
This app is professional version of Foursquare. This app will broadcast your location to your network. This will inform you if you are in the same city with someone in your network and gives you the opportunity to meet them.

This application informs you the events attending by the people in your network. This will give you updates and idea if ever you want to attend the same events related to your field.


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