intelligent iT welcomes LiveRail

intelligent iT would like to welcome LiveRail to the intelligent iT family. LiveRail a leader in online video advertising technology is trusted by hundreds of the world’s largest online video companies and now entrusts their mission critical operations to us. To learn more about LiveRail, visit them at

Why not do iT internally?

The Hidden Cost of Internal  IT Departments Many companies, especially smaller ones, or startups, might think it is more cost effective to hire an in-house person (Joe IT) to take care of all their IT needs.  But here are a few considerations you may not have thought about. The initial and ongoing hassles and costs […]

Project management

Scenario: You are responsible for your company’s IT system; you have received the news that your recent project has a glitch in it and will not be up and running as projected.  What should be your next step? You have one of two choices.  You either stay the course by plugging ahead as your current […]

iT project management

  You’ve seen it coming for a while…your old system has outlived its effectiveness. It’s been patched and prodded to keep it working.  You’ve put off upgrading due to the expense and the hassle. Our IT project managements  know there is hardly anything more stressful for a company than when it decides to upgrade its […]

Improving Your Small Business Network Security

As a small business owner growing your business and keeping your customers happy is your main concern.  Unfortunately it is a hacker’s priority to infiltrate your computer network and bring your business to a halt. Hackers don’t just go after the big guys. They are looking for any easy point of access no matter the […]

Startup Technology needs

It’s no secret, the tech scene is booming on the East Coast and with boom comes the need for increased infrastructure. So what does every startup need when well… starting up. A great computer Perhaps a calculator and a notebook served mom and pop shops well 20 years ago but now, everything is automated and […]

Are you ready for an office?

Your hard work has paid off.  Your startup has begun to see a profit each quarter and you’ve hired your first employee (thankfully your cousin Bennie had just the skills you needed).  Until now it’s been fine working from your dining room … but now that you’re looking to hire more people (preferably not related […]