Business Reputation

Downtime: A Tale of Business Reputation

According to Aesop, three old friends, Genius, Virtue and Reputation, were planning a trip to Great Britain together, when the discussion turned to what to do if any of them should become lost. “Should it be my fate be severed from you, my associates,” said Genius, “you can find me kneeling in devotion before the […]

Server down

Business Continuity: Your Guide to Surviving Any Kind of Chaos

A well-rounded business continuity plan prepares you for virtually anything, from full-blown natural disasters to rolling blackouts. It gives you the ability to navigate the unpredictable with grace and ease. It gives you a serious competitive leg up when most of your peers are scrambling. And it’s peace of mind.

Managed Services Partnering with IT Staff

A Managed Services Provide or Internal IT Staff?

It’s relatively easy to make the case for working with a managed services provider for most SMBs. Maintaining your own network is time-consuming. It requires a pretty high degree of technical knowledge. Plus, this is something that’s simply too important to overlook. It’s like anything else you outsource—from the maintenance on your car to medical […]

Managed IT Services

What is the Business Value of Managed IT Services?

It must have been a terrifying sight. Green, piercing eyes. Muscles that rippled beneath striped flesh. Teeth sharp as knives.  When the tiger bore them, it must have taken all the fox’s energy to hide his fear.  With no other choice, he steadied himself and spoke. “Do you think you’re the only king of beasts?” […]

woman working with business technology

4 Key Questions for Managing Your Business Technology Solutions

It’s one thing to know that your business technology solutions are working. But it’s something else to know the minor changes that would make your business technology solutions even better—like tweaks that would save some money or the areas where you might run into trouble in the future.

A man lookng at security options on a computer.

6 Common Cybersecurity Pitfalls (and How to Avoid Them)

Instead of ignoring the very real danger represented by cyberthreats, we recommend taking action. After all, the key to solid cybersecurity is having a plan, making sure it’s a good plan, and sticking to it. Along those lines, here are some of the most common cybersecurity pitfalls SMB owners tend to make and how to avoid them.

9 Ways Managed Services Pay Off Big for SMBs

Managed services can make the difference between consistent growth and painful plateaus. Even if your company only consists of a few employees, there’s no way to do business in today’s world without technology. Managed services can help guarantee you have the tools you need when you need them.

Woman holding up "cybersecurity plan" sign.

Cybersecurity Basics: Laying the Foundation for Your SMB’s Protection

You may not have the same kind of resources Fortune 500 companies have for cybersecurity, but there’s no excuse for dropping your guard completely. Even if you can’t afford a cybersecurity consultant, there are still things you can do to protect your business.

Woman holding up HIPAA sign.

What Fairy Tales Can Teach You About HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA compliance is serious business. And yet, basic lessons from fairy tales make a strong framework for building out your HIPAA compliance policies. HIPAA compliance may not be a fairy tale, but fables and folklore can still show you how to approach this complex topic. Learn how to strike the perfect balance between compliance and convenience.

Hybrid Cloud

Why Hybrid Cloud Solutions Are a Big Deal

A hybrid cloud storage solution gives you onsite storage space (which allows for speed and convenience) as well as offsite storage (which gives you remote access and the assurance of an additional backup). It’s an amazing fit for growing SMBs because it’s secure, scalable and cost-effective.

This Is What Complete Cybersecurity Looks Like

Cybersecurity is a hot topic right now. You can’t turn on the news without hearing about a new ransomware attack or (yet another) data breach. Of all the important things you do as a business leader, cybersecurity might be the single most important. That’s because cybersecurity impacts three different core elements of your business.

Woman Working with a Virtual Server

Why a Virtual Server Makes Sense for Your SMB

Of all the business functionality you could move to the cloud, few solutions make as much sense as a virtual server. Which begs the question, what makes a cloud-based virtual server so appealing for small businesses? Just because a new business trend is emerging doesn’t mean you should jump on the bandwagon. What are the advantages?