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How Cloud Solutions Can Make Your Life Easier

The story is told of a promising martial arts student who wanted to advance his skill as quickly as possible. Having seen the value of working with one master, the clever student thought it wise to double-up his training. “Master,” he said, “I’ve learned so much from you. You know I’m a devoted student. I’d […]

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6 Things Managed Services Can Do for Your SMB

There’s an old fable, often attributed to Aesop. A small community of mice lived in the same home where there was also a cat. The cat was a skilled hunter, and the mice were afraid for their lives. But a clever, young mouse had a solution. “We should tie a bell around the cat’s neck,” […]

Why Your SMB Must Consider Outsourcing the CTO Function

Robust IT is becoming more difficult to manage in house. As expansive API network trees and complex cloud infrastructures become the norm even in the SMB market, companies looking to control their digital footprint, identity and data under one roof simply cannot do it fast enough to keep up with competition. When a company outsources a particular IT function, […]

Russia, Yahoo, Hacking and Your Business: Protecting Your Company in the Wake of Increasing Threats

With local news agencies warning businesses in their area to beef up digital security due to the Russian hacking of Yahoo!, there is more attention than ever on the danger of simply thinking you can do business without an appropriate measure of protection. Hackers today are no longer the unsophisticated individuals in their parents’ basement […]

Finding the Right ISP for Your Small Business

So, you say you are ready to get your small business up and running? Well, this is no easy feat so do not underestimate the process. In a rush to launch a business and begin generating revenue, business owners make blind decisions that end up costing them in the long run. This is why we […]

Top Ten Resources for IT Support

You’ve heard “there is no shortage of bad information.” The same is true for information technology. As innovative technologies constantly improve with newer features, articles and posts that were found useful have become outdated and irrelevant. For this reason, Intelligent IT NYC conducted thorough research to find you the best resources for IT support. The […]

What to do when you’re a victim of an online crime

Holidays are fast approaching and this means holiday vacations. While we are celebrating our vacation and the occasion, we should not overlook the security of our company information in our computers. If we are not careful enough, hackers will be feasting on our information on our computers while we are feasting on holiday turkey. If […]

The new iMac… should you purchase?

Years ago, very few people used Apple products. Today, Apple has become a standard not only in gadget technology, but also with computing devices. Their products have been the carrier of innovation and also beauty. The new iMac is the newest product released by Apple. It features a 21- and 27-inch model. It is thinner […]

Upgrading to Windows 8?

Windows 8 sure does look cool… and you are probably  thinking new year, new you, new operating system. Well, before you jump into an upgrade, lets talk about the good and the bad of Windows 8. Let’s start with the obvious… It is definitely a show pony. The new sleek look of Windows 8 is […]

10 Useful Tips on Moving Your Small Business Office

A good plan is an ingredient for a successful office move. Here is a step by step plan on moving your office. Make an announcement ahead of time To avoid inconvenience for your customers and risk the potential of losing them, it is best to announce your move ahead of time so that your customers […]

Keys To A Successful Office Move

Moving an office is an enormous job. It is important that you know the tasks that has be done, and know the right services to acquire to make the job a lot easier and more successful. First of all, there must be a plan. The moment when you think about moving your office, you start […]

Serviced Office: An Excellent Option For Small Businesses

If you own a small business and are currently looking for a new office, you may find it hard to get a new one, especially if your budget is limited. A limited budget can hold you back from acquiring things such as bigger space and complete service. This is where the serviced office makes a […]