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Beware of Seasonal Crimes

Are you aware that there are high-peak season for crimes… including cybercrimes? Not only do they take advantage of the people’s weakness to temptation and curiosity, they also take advantage of season and current situations. To equip you against crimes, we will reveal the four seasonal security crimes that you could encounter.

Grand International Events

One of the best examples of this is the current Olympics. Criminals take advantage of these events. These kinds of events are familiar to all and many are excited especially sports people. Criminals will send emails telling the receiver that they won cash from the Olympic lottery or an all-expense paid trip to watch the Olympics but the truth is that the email contains a virus or the link will take you to a suspicious website.

Summer Vacations

Summer is the season where statistics of lost items are high. This is due to travel and vacations. Some items are lost by getting left behind, others are intentionally stolen by thieves. Some stealing is done in hotels and some are done in homes or business establishments. The usual items lost are electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, game consoles, laptops, etc. because they are expensive and easy to carry. Thieves are also monitoring Facebook and scanning status of users announcing their vacation.

Holiday Hackers

Hackers attack on long weekends, holidays and summer breaks when IT staff are on vacation too. They can easily sneak into company or governments’ unguarded computers. Companies like Sony and HB Gary got hacked over Easter and Christmas.
Hackers Conferences

Yes, hackers have conferences too. They disclose new vulnerabilities and apply them to computers that are prone to hackers.
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