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5 Simple Ways to Expose Your Secrets through your Smartphone

Smartphones provide us convenience. It enables us to access almost everything we need in one small device. Through your smartphone, you can access and update your business, office work, and communication; do your leisure such as games and entertainment; and do your transactions. The scary part is that you bring that usable, handy gadget anywhere you go and there is a good chance it could get lost. This makes your smartphone more likely to reveal your secrets than your desktop.

Here are 5 common and easy ways to expose your secrets through your Smartphone.

Download apps from anywhere

Just like your desktop, your Smartphone can also be hacked by downloading stuff, especially applications. Applications are the famous downloads in Smartphone and this is an easy gateway for hackers to penetrate your Smartphone. I could say that no app is one hundred percent safe. But lessen the risk by downloading apps from reliable sources such Google, Apple, and Microsoft.

Modify your Smartphone to accommodate incompatible downloads aka jailbreak

There’s a feeling of freedom if you were able to modify or ‘personalize’ your smartphone to accommodate incompatible downloads or programs. If you think you’re better than your smartphone’s OS creators and like to ‘improve’ their programs and remove its security that you think that is not needed, you’re opening your front door to hackers.

Disabling passcode

You may think that you don’t need to enable passcodes on your smartphones because it is a personal device and no one’s using it but you… and you’re too lazy to punch codes to open your smartphone anyway. While it makes easy for you to access your smartphone, it will do the same to the person who will find your smartphone if ever you lose it. Even if the person who found your smartphone has no intention of invading your privacy, they will be tempted to open them and browse your information and pictures.

You think your smartphone is invulnerable

After enabling passcodes and security codes in your smartphone and avoiding downloading apps from unknown sources, you store all your information in your smartphone including your personal pictures. While you may prevent an average person from accessing your smartphone, a person with the intention to hack, will take an hour to break the code. The saying, “Don’t put your eggs in one basket” can also be applied in your smartphone. Never ever trust anything so much that you will store all your information there.

Taking OS updates for granted

OS updates not only improves appearance and makes it easier to use, it also updates security. Hackers always find ways to break security codes to access your device. OS updates patch up those discovered loop-holes and provide you more protection. If you have an outdated OS and programs, hackers can easily access it.

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