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5 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Small Businesses

Knowing how cloud computing works, you probably already have ideas on how it can help your business. To eliminate any doubts on this technology, here are the 5 main advantages of cloud computing.

Cut Cost

Cloud computing allows you to save a lot of money for your business. It will save you money on storage and software updates because the server will do the job for you. You will also save money from purchasing physical storage to extend capacity and for mobility such as hard disks, CDs, USBs, etc. (You can also save money on software maintenance.)

Increase Productivity

There are several aspects why cloud computing would increase your productivity. Let’s discuss a few:

Easy Access – you can access your files and data wherever you are as long as there is an Internet connection. You can also access storage using other devices including mobile phones. With your work at your fingertips, you can make adjustments and updates wherever you are with whatever (gadget) you have.

Multi-users – your team projects or company files can be accessed by anyone allowed to view the files. You can simultaneously work on the same project from anywhere in the world.

Easy sharing – the moment that you create or upload files in the cloud, it will be available for your team to view. You don’t need email to send your files on multiple recipients, and edit or work on them, and send them back and forth for other’s viewing.

Unlimited storage

Cloud computing offers a large amount of storage more than the physical storage in your computer.


It takes out the hassle of updating software and storage from you. You don’t have to worry how your work will reach your team members and work on it to meet the deadline. And because you can access your files anywhere, you can take your family on vacation, even while meeting deadlines.

These are only basic advantages that cloud computing can provide to your business. If you would like to know more of what it can do for you, intelligent iT  can provide you with a solution for your business.

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